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Kissing Games

"Aren't we a little old for this?" Yoshi asked.

"What?" Shindou blinked. "Of course not. Stop stalling."

"We're totally too old for this."

Isumi glanced over at her with an expression that looked like agreement, but he didn't say anything to help. Traitorous bastard.

"Well I've never done it, so obviously we're not," Shindou said. "I'm still a teenager for another hour. It's fine."

"It's not my fault you had your head so far up Touya's ass that you never did anything like play spin the bottle as a kid," Yoshi huffed.

"Oh come on, you're my best friend, it's your job to make sure I don't miss out on stuff. So it's totally your fault."

"No way, I'm not taking responsibility for that. And we can't play with three people anyway, it's stupid."

Shindou whined at her until finally she sighed and spun the stupid bottle around, cursing her luck at having a friend like Shindou who got her stuck in these situations. Hell, who created the situations in the first place and then somehow talked his friends into jumping into the deep end with him. She silently prayed for the bottle to suddenly blow up, or for it to land directly between Shindou and Isumi so that she wouldn't have to kiss either of them. Of course, even if it was someone else's turn...

This was such an epically bad idea.

"Waya-chan," Isumi's voice said, soft all of a sudden. She hadn't even realized she'd closed her eyes until that moment.

Yoshi looked down and saw that the bottle was pointing at Isumi. Well, fuck. Of course. It fucking figured that her first spin would be him. She wouldn't have objected under normal circumstances, if Isumi had actually wanted to and they weren't sitting in front of Shindou, because she'd liked Isumi since before she even knew what that meant. But this, this was totally wrong.

"You don't have to," Isumi said. "If you really hate it that much, I'm not going to make you do anything you don't want to do."

"No way!" Shindou shrieked, flailing his arms in Yoshi's periphrial vision, because she was too busy staring at Isumi. "Those aren't the rules!"

"She can do something else," Isumi said, and Yoshi felt a surge of gratefulness that he wanted to protect her, even though it was a little misplaced in this case.

"No, it's okay," she said. "No one needs to break the rules for me."

She got another look from Isumi, this one clearly saying, "are you sure?" She nodded. She tried not to think about the objections he might've made for himself if he hadn't been trying to watch out for her. Not that it worked. Damn him. Damn Shindou.

When Isumi's lips met hers, at first it was nothing except a soft pressure. Then her brain decided to remind her that it was, in fact, Isumi, because her brain was clearly a masochist. Yoshi gasped and pushed against the kiss. She wanted more of that, definitely. Isumi was even kissing her back. That was a surprise. She figured he'd be all polite about it and pull away as soon as possible. But no, he was giving as good as he got, though it was still just a tangle of lips and nothing else.

"Guys," Shindou said, which broke the moment.

Yoshi turned her head and looked at Shindou with the fiercest glare she could scrounge up for interrupting. "What?"

"We're still playing," Shindou answered. He seemed completely unaffected by the power of Yoshi's expression. Of course.

She wanted to say that no, actually, she was good and they could stop now, but Isumi shrugged.

"It does seem unfair to stop after one pair," he said. Traitor.

Shindou took the opportunity to spin the bottle on the floor himself, and a few moments later, they were all staring at each other somewhat dumbfounded.

"We don't really..." Shindou said.

"You kiss who it lands on. Those are the rules," Yoshi said. She had absolutely no idea why she was pointing that out now. She was possibly just relieved.

"But it's... oh, fine," he sighed and leaned over to kiss Isumi.

It lasted all of three seconds before they both pulled away. Not that Yoshi was counting or anything.

"That was weird," Shindou said.

"It was," Isumi agreed.

"You guys are right. This is dumb," Shindou added.

Yoshi snorted. "So that means we're done?"


"Good. Next time you get an idea about doing this kind of stuff with people, try Touya."


While Shindou was doing his best impression of an angry plum, Isumi was giving Yoshi a look she'd never seen before. Surprise? Interest? She didn't know. She just knew she really, really wanted to find out.

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Waya's terrible taste in friends and their tyranny in his/her life would have evoked way more sympathy if it wasn't so goddamn entertaining in all universes :D thank you!



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